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Lucy Brown
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Lucy Brown

Shrinking Violets
Shrinking Violets
A Perfect Fit
A Perfect Fit
Unhooked Violet
Lucy Brown’s work is concerned with reconstructing second hand clothing to form pieces that deal with female identity. Each form is a shed skin without a skeleton of bones for support. Brown has developed her own weaving process which decreases the size of the original garment used. Brown’s recent works focus on ideas around the public and private individual, underlining society’s obsession with female thinness.

SHRINKING VIOLETS are a series of five pieces woven from polyester nylon petticoats and a quilted polyester dressing gown. This body of work was first exhibited at the Crafts Council Shop at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London in Sept / Oct 2000. The series plays on the perceptions of shrinking violet. Instead of being shy and modest the wearers have shed their shrinking violet skins and become revealed and liberated.

Recent exhibitions include INTIMATE FOUNDATIONS (touring show), THE BRIDES CLOTHES (solo), Angel Row Gallery and THE UNEXPECTED, Sotheby’s, New York and TEXTILE FOCUS, Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery, London.

Lucy Brown graduated in 1995 from BA (hons) Textiles. Goldsmiths College, London.

Left: Shrunken Violet
Date: 2000
Weave. Stitch
Materials used: St Michael Nylon Petticoat (Dyed): to fit bust 40”. Wool. Polyester.
154 x 23cm (Depending on installation)

Middle: Unbutton Violet
Date: 2000
Weave. Stitch
Materials used; Nylon polyester quilted dressing gown: size 32. Stainless steel wire. 164 x 38 x 11cm (Depending on installation)

Right: Unzipped Violet
Date: 2000
Weave. Stitch
Materials used: 2x identical St Michael Bri nylon petticoats (Dyed): size 16, bust 38”. Cotton. Polyester.
116 X 36 x 6cm (Depending on installation)

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